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about us

Eumundi Coffee Co. was established by a group of friends who have worked together in the speciality coffee industry for over a decade. Together falling in love with the culture, the story and the creative art that is coffee making. 

Our matured ambitions now grow from a vision of a coffee community focused on the development of the industry as a whole. 

Through friendship, trust collaboration and transparency of knowledge our network will pioneer new projects and practices aimed at improving and innovating the interactions of everyone involved in the journey of our coffees. 

Our Team

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HughThe Store

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Eumundi Coffee Co. Beans

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Moon Dog Milk Blend

Sumatran, Honduras, Tanzanian
Process: Traditional Wet Hull & Washed
Altitude: 800-1700masl
Soils: Volcanic Highland
Variety: Java/ Typica/ Bourbon

Cupping notes: Designed to punch through milk, with smooth notes of chocolate and dried currents. This blend is rare, its strong and sweet and leaves you with a warming spice in the aftertaste.

picture of eumundi coffee co white horse blend bag, large size

White Horse Espresso Blend

Brazil, Kenya AA
Process: Fully Washed & Natural
Altitude: 1000-2000masl
Soils: Rich Volcanic
Variety: Red Catuai/ SL28/ SL34

Cupping notes: Designed to be enjoyed Black or White. This coffee is initially fruit driven, giving way to a pleasant toffee finish. The creamy body is complimented by its juicy blackcurrant sweetness and lime acidity.

What We Offer

wholesale offerings from eumundi coffee co and the store eumundi


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The Store Eumundi

97C Memorial Drive
Eumundi, QLD


+61 421 794 066


clear, intelligent, refined and refreshing

Oculus Cold Brew

oculus black cold brew


Sugar-free, delicate and smooth Cold Brewed Coffee

Our Black Cold Brew is not brewed as concentrate. Instead we brew the coffee using recipes aimed at extracting the delicate and delicious flavours from our ethically sourced, high quality single origin beans.

oculus cold brew, ripple


Refreshing, Sugar-free Cold Brewed Latte

Cold Brew blended with pure coconut water and a splash of Maleny Dairies full cream milk. Brewed, filtered and bottled fresh to order. Our Cold Brew is not brewed as concentrate, instead we filter the coffee numerous times for higher clarity and use recipes aimed at extracting the sweetest possible flavour profile.

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